Dates for your calendar…

Dates for your calendar…

Friday October 17th, usual room, usual time, meditation, puja and Sangha evening
(not suitable for complete newcomers).

Don’t forget that our first retreat will take place from Oct 31st to Nov 2nd in lovely surroundings in Kent. Full details here

Monday evenings continuing as usual

Best wishes

Nandaketu and Saddhabhaya

News September 2014

Monday classes, continuing as usual, see general details on our About the Classes page. All welcome, arrive in time for a 7.15 start.

Commencing Monday September 8th we’ll be leading a series (don’t worry if you can’t come to all the evenings in the series, come anyway) based upon Subhadramati’s recent book Not About Being Good, an excellent, down to earth, practical and very honest guide on what it means to lead a Buddhist life. It would be great (but not mandatory!)  if you could purchase the book (RRP £10.99) and begin to read it before then. Click on the image below for more details and a brief video interview with the author which communicates well the tone of the book. (don’t worry if you can’t come to all the evenings in the series, come anyway).

View or download the notes from Saddhabhaya’s introduction to the series here


On Sunday September 14th Nigel will be joining the Triratna Mitra Sangha at a ceremony at the LBC commencing at 7 pm as part of the day long Padmasambhava Day Festival. This is an occasion for rejoicing and a decisive step on the Buddhist Path for Nigel. Here is a PDF document which explains briefly what it means to become a Mitra. The festival and evening ceremony are open to all, you can come for all or part of the day and evening, the programme  will be available soon. A wonderful opportunity to experience the magic of a festival day at the LBC with a little bit of our own Hornchurch magic thrown in for good measure!

And don’t forget our retreat! Friday to Saturday, October 31st to November 2nd, Hornchurch Buddhist Group Retreat, open to all who come to the group, full details to be found here. Bookings starting to be made

Hope to see you soon

Nandaketu and Saddhabaya

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What’s coming up …

Monday classes, continuing as usual, see general details on our About the Classes page. Through to the end of August (excluding Bank Holiday Monday) we’ll be continuing with stories and teachings from the Pali Canon. Stay tuned for news of our programme for September onwards.

Friday to Saturday, October 31st to November 2nd, Hornchurch Buddhist Group Retreat, open to all who come to the group, full details to be found here

Some asked about suggested books to buy and there is a short list in our Resources section, use the drop down menu or go here. There are also various other introductory documents to be found in Resources

Hope to see you soon

Nandaketu and Saddhabaya

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Full Moon meditation and puja evening June 13th

Many thanks to Devamitra for a most inspiring talk last night on the subject of Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels

This Friday (June 13th) we are at Fairkytes again from 7.15 – 9.30 for a full moon evening of meditation (both practices) and puja (Buddhist devotional ritual), hope you can make it.

On Monday the 16th we’ll be continuing to look at Going for Refuge

If you have any questions between classes do drop us an email…

Don’t forget that there is lots of useful stuff (especially for newcomers) over in the resources section of this web page

Love and light

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Devamitra, a very experienced and long standing member of the Triratana Order will be visiting and teaching this Monday (9th June).  He has a love of the Dharma and an intimate knowledge of The Triratna Community in many parts of the world.

Come and meet the man who named Nandaketu.

DM Sunset

Best wishes

Nandaketu & Saddhabhaya

…and a bit more news…

Hi everyone

Hoping all are well

We’ll be having another Friday meditation > community > puja evening on the Full Moon evening of June 13th from 7.15 – 9.30. Open to all who are happy to meditate without instruction and to participate in Buddhist devotional ritual – puja

No class on Monday 26th May as Fairkytes is closed for the Bank Holiday, see you all on the 2nd of June.

Great little snippet at the link below from Triratna’s regular Radio 4 contributor Vishvapani who is also the author of a lovely book about the Buddha (lots of other great stuff on his site too!)

Love and light

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu


General update…

Collecting a few bits of information together…

More information about our autumn retreat (Oct 31st – Nov 2nd) is now available - HBG Retreat Briefing.

Also note that there is a camping retreat in Essex in late May / June led by Aryacitta of the Southend Buddhist Group, here are the programme and details

Monday May 5th Bank Holiday – no group

Monday May 12th will be all the about the Metta Bhavana practice

Friday May 16th will be an additional evening of meditation and puja (see full post below)

Monday May 19th will be an opportunity to ask any questions about the autumn retreat and retreats in general (as well as meditation in the first half of course)

Monday May 26th Bank holiday – no group

Monday June 2nd – continuing as usual

Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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An additional evening on Friday May 16th

There will be an additional evening on Friday May 16th from 7.15 to 9.30 in our usual room at Fairkytes. This will be an evening of meditation and puja (see below) with an extended break for conversation, tea and maybe even cake! The evening is suitable for those who know both the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices (which will be led but not taught) and are open to trying the experience of puja. Donation / Dana.

lotus hbg

Puja is devotional ritual, the purpose of which is to engage us more fully with the Buddha,, Dharma and Sangha. The action of Saluting the Shrine which we do at the start of each of our Monday classes is effectively a very short puja. Here is the text of a slightly longer puja which we have previously conducted at the group (there’s no need to learn anything though).

This evening will be our celebration of Buddha Day or Wesak, a worldwide festival celebrating the Enlightenment of the Buddha. The actual date this year seems to be May the 13th, coinciding with the Full Moon (the 14th). The London Buddhist Centre has a day long festival on Sunday May the 18th to which all are welcome as is the case with the Open Day on May the 11th, full details at

Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Invitation to a camping retreat in June

There is an informal retreat associated with the Southend Triratna Buddhist Group happening at a small-holding near Sible Hedingham in Essex from May 23rd until June 1st. Regulars from the Hornchurch group are welcome, Peter of the amazing flower petal salad will be going. You can attend for any number of days within this period, there will be meditation, study, free time and a bit of voluntary work on the smallholding, bring vegetarian food to cook communally and share. There is no charge for the retreat. This will be mainly a camping retreat (bring your own gear), limited to ten people, there is very limited accommodation in a caravan. The hosts are Steve and Mary, for more information contact them on 07713 521236 (not Saddhabhaya or Nandaketu), also you can speak to Peter at Hornchurch on most Monday evenings

Here are the full details and programme for this retreat

* * * Note that there will be no group on Easter Monday * * *

Best wishes


Hornchurch Buddhist Group weekend retreat

October 31st to November 2nd 2014

We have just arranged a venue for a weekend retreat on October 31st to November 2nd 2014, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The venue is Kench Hill in Kent. This has been used with success by a number of Triratna groups over the years and will be the venue for most of the LBC retreats whilst Vajrasana is being redeveloped.

The weekend will be a chance to meditate, relax, reflect, do puja and importantly be in community with other Hornchurch regulars outside of one’s normal circumstances and conditions. There will be room sharing but men and women will be on different floors. We’ll be arranging a minibus from Hornchurch and will keep the cost of the weekend as affordable as possible.

If you have any immediate questions or indeed wish to reserve your space then I suggest you direct them to me via In the mean time we hope that you’ll be inclined to keep that space free in your diaries and hope to see you soon

Very best wishes