Next Southend Group Camping Retreat

It’s 14th – 23rd August. Conditions for attendance as before (details here) but you don’t have to come for the whole retreat, you can just turn up for a couple of days if you like. Do contact Aryacitta to let him know when and for how long you are coming. No fees, donations only – consider an appropriate ammount to give depending on how long you are coming for, as your money will help feed us all and pay for Steve’s gas, water and electricity. Steve is the very nice guy who owns the smallholding – we will be camping on his land for free, and using his caravan – all he asks is a contribution towards utilities, plus a little voluntary work on the smallholding would be nice.

For Aryacitta’s contact details email


What’s coming up Aug – Sep 2015

Hi everyone

We continue with our Monday evening sessions throughout August except for the Bank Holiday, here are our plans for the coming weeks.

August 3rd Beauty
August 10th Beauty
August 17th Practice evening – meditation, puja, readings – the Mangala Sutta
August 24th Nandaketu will be telling us about his upcoming 600 mile trek in Japan –
August 31st Bank Holiday no group
September 7th onwards – meeting the Buddha, his life and teachings

November 27th – 29th our weekend retreat! Details in previous post below

Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Hornchurch Buddhist Group Retreat 2015!

Hi folks

As previously advised our 2015 retreat will be from Friday November 27th to Sunday November 29th and will be held at Kench Hill in Kent. A briefing document is now available and it would be most helpful if we could start to get an idea of those intending to come, an email to would be grand or catch us on a Monday night.


Hope to see you soon

Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Southend Group Weekend Retreat

Further to details of our own retreat in November, Peter Tomlins has passed on details of this weekend retreat which some folks may be interested in…

Southend Group are holding a camping retreat on Friday 19th – Sunday 21st June (turn up on Friday aftn/eve, leave on Sunday aftn).
Suggested donation £15.

Location: Steve Jones’ farm, near Sible Hedingham, North Essex.

Please call Aryacitta (07932 446800) to book a place.

For detailed address/directions, call Steve Jones (07713 521236).
For a lift, speak to Aryacitta, or Pete (01708 451243 / 07949 115664).

For a lift from Braintree or Halstead, contact Steve Jones.

Bring a tent, sleeping bag, washing gear (there is a shower on site), and warm clothing. Walking boots are a good idea (there are lots of footpaths and countryside to explore). Warm clothes and waterproofs just in case. Food will be provided, and there are cooking facilities.

It is a very relaxed informal retreat – there will be periods of meditation and study, but also plenty of free time, and opportunities to help out on Steve’s farm – tending the veg plot, feeding the chickens, or even beekeeping (Steve has a spare suit).

Looking further ahead, a longer retreat is planned for 14th – 23rd August. Again, it’s informal – you can just turn up for a day or two if you wish, but please do book your place before you come.

Handout on Kshanti, Retreat

Hi all

Notes from the talk and discussion on Monday May 11th are now available here. The picture below is of Santideva, source of the Bodycaryavatara – a Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life which was mentioned last night (follow link for book details). For some insightful extended reading on the subject of Kshanti by Ratnaghosa follow this link

Also don’t forget to consider coming on our very own weekend retreat in November details of which can be found here


Hope to see you soon

Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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The Bodhisattva Ideal


The notes from last nights class – which give a brief introduction to the phase of the development of Buddhism known as the Mahayana  can be downloaded from the link below.

Introduction to the Mahayana

There are many documents on the site that can help with understanding Buddhist ideas, establishing a meditation practice and connecting with the wider Triratana Community.  Have a look in our resources area or take a look at the handouts attached to posts on previous themes if you are looking for information OR just ask us next time you are at the class.Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara

We are experimenting with having an online Meet-up presence, so take a look if you are interested and please share this (or our website or Facebook page) if you feel its appropriate.

May you thrive

Nandaketu and Saddhabhaya

What we have just done and what we are about to do. March 2015

Hi everyone

We have come to the end of our ramble through the Five Spiritual Faculties, having spent the last few weeks looking at mindfulness. If you missed the talk on Monday March 23rd you can access the notes in PDF form at this link Introduction to the Buddha’s teaching regarding the mind – Honeyball Sutta. If you would like to read about the Five Spiritual Faculties then this link will take you to a very detail account by Edward Conze.

Monday March 30th will be a practice evening, expect meditation, readings, reflection and puja. this type of evening may well become a slightly more regular occurrence.

Monday April 6th Fairkytes will be closed so no class then

Monday April 13th we will commence a new series looking the the Bodhisattva Ideal

Plans are starting to come together for our Autumn Weekend Retreat which this year takes place on November 27th-29th, all HBG folk welcome. If you would like a first hand account of the 2014 event then I am sure that HBG regulars Jean, Sherri, Claire, Peter, Nigel or Alex will be happy oblige. More details about this can be found below in previous posts.

Very best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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