Meetings Pausing.

Dear All,

I hope you are well!

After reviewing advice from government sources and the European Chairs Assembly of the Triratna Buddhist Community, I have decided to suspend meetings of the Hornchurch Buddhist Group. 

I know that Sangha and meditation are a support for many of us.  Triratna will be offering some online ways to participate. I’d suggest looking at the London Buddhist Centre’s website as a starting point for this.

It might also be worth considering…

  • Getting your news from a reliable source and only spending a short time on this
  • If you end with time on your hands – meditate, study and enjoy puja
  • Stay in touch with Sangha – WhatsApp or phone for a chat

Metta to you all!




Basics and Beyond.

We are starting the New Year by looking closely at meditation – ensuring we have a strong foundation in basic understanding and practice. We will also look beyond this to explore how we creatively apply meditation to the joys and difficulties of the world.

What can it contribute to our lives?

How do we practice under different conditions?

Where can it lead us?

When do we use which methods?

Who is the ‘us’ that meditates?

Year’s End

We are finishing the year on the 16th December (as the arts centre will be closed over the holiday period). There will be meditation as usual, but to celebrate seven years of the group (and just because we can) there will be a ‘cultural evening‘ with songs, poems and other contributions. So please come along, bring your ‘cultural contribution’ or simply be an appreciative audience for those who do.

We are back on the 6th January with meditation – ‘ The Basics and Beyond. ‘


Graduations, funerals, weddings, birthday parties… even in a largely secular society rituals abound.

Over the next few weeks we will look at how ritually using gesture, speech and imagination can be a powerful transformational tool.


I had a day out in London today. I visited the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain. Well worth a look if you like Blake or are intrigued about one of the most talked about artists within the Triratna community.

The other exhibition I saw was simply called ‘Buddhism’ and is the one that Mandy has been suggesting people visit. It is at the British Library very close to King’s Cross. There are some gems in this exhibition. Many of the exhibits relate to themes we have recently explored at the class. For example a Pure Land Sutra, a representation of Padmasambhava and lots of traditional illustrations of the Life of the Buddha. There’s also a great ‘Wheel of Life’ and a very large ‘bowl style’ bell that you are free to try.

What is Zen?

On the 4th November we will start a short theme looking at this intriguing strand within Buddhism.
Hitting with sticks! Tea drinking, work, koans, zazen, art as practice – what does it have to do with us?
Where does it come from? How has it influenced the practice of Buddhism in Triratna?
Newcomer to Buddhism, curious about meditation or long time practitioner come and find out…
7pm Monday – Room 12 – up the stairs and to the left at Fairkytes Arts Centre main building opposite the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch.

Building the Pure-land

A stone cutters yard in Northern Shikoku where Buddhist statues and monuments are created.

Pure-lands appear in Mahayana Buddhist texts. They are ideal worlds created by compassionate beings where the conditions for being transformed by the Dharma are excellent.

In the class on Monday nights (starting on the 14th October) we will look at:

  • how they are created
  • famous examples in texts and art
  • how these myths can animate our individual and collective practice
  • how community can be seen as a pureland
  • ‘The New Society’ – how Buddhism can begin to transform the world

So come along and discover what Pure-lands are about. There will also be the usual features of the class such as meditation (and biscuits).