About the classes

Open to those aged 16 and over

Classes are held on Monday evenings in room 12 at The Fairkytes Arts Centre, starting promptly at 7.15 and finishing at 9.30. There is no need to book, just come along for the beginning of the class. There will be no classes on Bank Holidays or on certain dates around Christmas and the New Year as the Arts Centre will be closed.

Everyone is welcome to come to our classes; you do not need to think of yourself as a Buddhist to listen to the Buddha’s teachings (the Dharma) or to meditate. Our developing Resources page contains some introductory information on Buddhism and meditation as well as a list of recommended books for newcomers and not so newcomers and all kinds of other useful information.

As you enter room 12 at the Arts Centre there will be somewhere to leave your shoes and outdoor clothing. There will also be a bowl for a donation towards the hire of the room and other overheads. The suggested donation for the evening is £5.

The content of each evening will vary from week to week but there will always be a session of meditation with instruction and an explanation of some aspect of the Buddha’s teachings. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions and meet others over a cup of tea and maybe even a biscuit or two.

No special clothing or equipment is required; mats, cushions, stools and chairs will be provided. We would suggest that you dress modestly and comfortably and possibly refrain from eating too heavily beforehand as this can be a recipe for a very dozy period of meditation.

Please visit our Resources page for useful information about Buddhism and Meditation