Graduations, funerals, weddings, birthday parties… even in a largely secular society rituals abound. Over the next few weeks we will look at how ritually using gesture, speech and imagination can be a powerful transformational tool.


I had a day out in London today. I visited the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain. Well worth a look if you like Blake or are intrigued about one of the most talked about artists within the Triratna community. The other exhibition I saw was simply called ‘Buddhism’ and is the one that Mandy […]

Building the Pure-land

Pure-lands appear in Mahayana Buddhist texts. They are ideal worlds created by compassionate beings where the conditions for being transformed by the Dharma are excellent. In the class on Monday nights (starting on the 14th October) we will look at: how they are created famous examples in texts and art how these myths can animate […]

Celebrating Padmasambhava

On Monday 7th October we are celebrating the life and teaching of the precious guru of Uddiyana. Come and enjoy an evening of story, ritual and readings. His smile welcoming smile pacifies and gladdens, and his fierce eyes challenge us to transform. All (who dare) are welcome.

Meeting the Buddha

Hmmm, seems that we haven’t been adding much to this site lately but we are still at Fairkytes every Monday excluding bank holidays. This coming Monday May 20th will be a festival evening celebrating the Buddha’s Enlightenment on a May full moon evening all those many years ago From June 3rd we will then be […]

Festive Season 2018/19

Hi all Monday December 17th will be our last evening together until Monday January 7th. We’ll be closing out the year with an evening of meditation and puja. Hope to see you (don’t forget those food bank donations) but if not enjoy the midwinter period and all best wishes for 2019. Metta Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu