The Brahma Viharas

Greetings Everyone, this Monday, May 13th, we are planning to look at a series of meditations known as the Brahma Viharas.  There will be a handout, so being better organised than usual, it is available as a PDF at the link below. Brahma Viharas Best wishes Nandaketu and David

The Eight Wordly Winds

In lieu of Aryacitta’s notes on the subject of this evening’s talk here is a link to the scriptural source in the Pali Canon…. Lokavipatti Sutta Differing translations use different terms for the pairs of forces that blow us this way and that, one form is… Gain and Loss Fame and infamy Praise and Blame […]

Conditioned Arising

This being, that becomes On the arising of this, that arises This not being, that does not become On the cessation of this, that ceases This week we introduced the Buddhist teaching of conditionality, expressed variously in English as Conditioned Arising, Dependent Origination or Conditioned Co-Production but more consistently in Sanskrit as Pratitya Samutpada and […]

Friends in the Good Life

Dear all I have just posted a document created from Srivati’s notes for her talk given on Monday April 8th concerning Spiritual Friendship and Sangha. This can be found in the Resources section or via this direct link. The was the first class begun in daylight I think, very welcome. See you Monday Best wishes […]

Green Tara

oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā The mantra we are chanting at end of the class at the moment is that of Green Tara.  This intimate, approachable, enchanting aspect of the compassion of the enlightened mind is traditionally visualised as a beautiful sixteen year old woman.  She is the colour of verdant vegetation and has long flowing […]

Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice

Morning all, hope everyone is well Here is a link to Nandaketu’s handout from Monday the 11th on Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice A couple of other points to note. There will be no class on Easter Monday as Fairkytes is closed on that date and indeed on all Bank Holidays. Also in the coming weeks both Nandaketu […]