Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice

Morning all, hope everyone is well Here is a link to Nandaketu’s handout from Monday the 11th on Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice A couple of other points to note. There will be no class on Easter Monday as Fairkytes is closed on that date and indeed on all Bank Holidays. Also in the coming weeks both Nandaketu […]

This week and next

Hi everyone. This week (Feb 18th) we explored the Metta Bhavana – loving kindness meditation in more depth. Here is a link to the aide memoire on the subject that was handed out, this is a PDF document. Next week (Feb 25th) we’ll be returning once again to the Mindfulness of Breathing and looking more closely […]

More on the Metta Bhavana

Hi everyone. Following the discussion this week a little browse around for some more material on the Metta Bhavana practice unearthed this lovely extract from Kamalashila’s book. He skilfully explains the connections between mindfulness, receptivity and the metta practice. Best wishes from David and Nandaketu Metta Bhavana Meditation: Goodwill, Loving-kindness

Mantra on Monday

OM AMIDEVA HRIH This Monday we ended the class by chanting the Amitabha mantra. We chose this for several reasons: the previous week a discussion about chanting had arisen in the tea break; it is good to end the class with something meditative; it is the mantra Nandaketu was given at ordination and the simple tune […]

Why the breath?

As we breathe the sensations that are experienced can be used as the basis for concentration in meditation. It is not the only possible ‘object of concentration.’ There are other practices that use for example: metta, a mantra or a coloured disc. On Monday night we started talking about why the breath is a good […]

Thanks and more resources

This evening we revisited the Mindfulness of Breathing and told the story of the life of the Buddha up to the point of Enlightenment. We have been adding documents and links to the Resources section of this website including introductions to Buddhism and Meditation and a list of suggested books. Thanks so much for the […]