Buddhist Heroes

Looking at some websites for Buddhists activities you might get the impression that Buddhism is all lotus petals and glistening dew. Of course quiet reflection and the appreciation of beauty have their place in the Dharma-life but there is also much need for heroic qualities.  Over the next few weeks we will look at the […]

April 2nd and 9th 2018

Please note that as per our usual policy on Bank Holidays there will be no meeting on Monday April 2nd as Fairkytes Arts Centre is closed On April 9th we have special guest, Maitreyabandhu, author of the Journey and the Guide as well as a number of other books, published poet and long time teacher […]

5 Things I’ve Appreciated Today

Hi Folks, as promised (or some might think threatened) here is the results of my following Maitreyabandhu’s ‘five things I’ve appreciated today‘ in my J&TG notebook. Surprisingly the highest number of things I wrote down were simple physical pleasures. This may be due to temperament, the habit of where I put my attention or the […]

2018 – The Journey & The Guide

Happy New Year! We are beginning a new theme at the Hornchurch Buddhist Group based around the book The Journey and the Guide: A Practical Course in Enlightenment by Maitreyabandhu (available at the London Buddhist Centre and various on-line book sellers). Some of you will have read the book before (and some of you know […]

Newcomers are always welcome

The Hornchurch Buddhist Group began in January 2013 and over the past four and half years has become a lively and friendly gathering of local people of all ages and varying backgrounds who together are deepening their understanding and practice of Buddhism and meditation. Buddhism offers the vision of a life lived with awareness, compassion and […]