Conditioned Arising

This being, that becomes
On the arising of this, that arises
This not being, that does not become
On the cessation of this, that ceases

This week we introduced the Buddhist teaching of conditionality, expressed variously in English as Conditioned Arising, Dependent Origination or Conditioned Co-Production but more consistently in Sanskrit as Pratitya Samutpada and Pali as Paticca Samuppada.

This is the profound truth underlying all of Buddhist teaching, that all phenomena, all things whatsoever arise in dependence upon a myriad of interconnecting conditions and pass away when those condition cease.

This applies to the physical universe at all levels of scale but also to our own experience wherein we can, with minds clarified through the practice of ethics and meditation, observe the arising and passing of thoughts and emotions –  joy, anger, craving, happiness, suffering, hatred and so on.

Through observing the truth of this teaching for ourselves, within our experience, we gain faith in the Dharma – the Buddha’s teaching – and begin to understand how, through its practise, we can transform and transcend our limiting views of self, becoming wiser and more compassionate to the benefit of ourselves and others.

Best wishes

David and Nandaketu