Follow up information from Sheri’s presentation on the environment

Hi all

On October 3rd our visiting speaker Sheri Lim spoke about the ways in which we can help to conserve this truly wonderful yet fragile planet that we live on. As promised, Sheri has sent links to a collection of useful information and these are shared below…

“Hi Saddhabaya and Nandaketu, thanks again for inviting me to share my work and these important environmental issues with everyone – hope people have taken something away that motivates them to do some small action they can.

As mentioned, below are some links that people were interested in:

– The campaign CARE International (my organisation) and countries in the developing world are backing to limit the increase in global average temperature by 1.5oC to help us have a safer world (above this will likely see much more climate disruption – harsher droughts, bigger storms and higher levels of sea rise).

– Carbon footprint calculators, which people can use to identify what are the measures in their lives that can make the biggest difference in reducing their environmental impact:  or

– Some starting information for those interested in understanding how you can ‘offset’ your personal carbon footprint by things such as tree planting:  and

– Then some organisations that do carbon offsetting (that I am confident in the quality of their offset projects):  and

– And if people are interested, the website to my organisation and the specific work we do globally to help the most poor deal with the impacts of climate change:

Great to see you, and all the best for the rest of the ‘looking outwards’ series and the retreat!”

Best wishes Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Visiting speakers in October

Morning all and what lovely one it is too!

Commencing this evening (Oct 3rd) we have three weeks of visiting speakers at Hornchurch. Tonight, long time Hornchurch attendee but now moved away, Sheri Lim will be talking about her work for the environment and how it reflects her Buddhist practice. On the 10th Sraddhagita will be talking about her working life in a Buddhist business and on the 17th Vidyasakhi will be coming to tell another wonderful tale from the life of Padmasambhava. See you soon, Saddhabhaya

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4th Precept

Hi All,

last week we focused on contentment and the precept of abstaining from sexual misconduct.  This week it is the 4th precept.

I undertake to practise the training principle of abstaining from untruthful speech.

With truthful communication, I purify my body.

My notes can be found here: 4th Precept.

Please be aware that March 28th is a Bank Holiday so there is no class at at Fairkytes.

May you thrive



Parinirvana Festival Evening February 15th

Mornin’ all. We haven’t been posting much lately, somewhat beset by illness but rest assured our Monday evening gatherings continue as usual. On Monday February 15th we’ll be celebrating the Buddhist festival of Parinirvana with special guest Vajragupta, author of several books including Buddhism: Tools For Living Your Life. All welcome, hope to see you there. 7.15 pm start

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Buddhism : Tools For Living Your Life

Commencing on January 4th we’ll be doing a series of evenings based upon the book Buddhism : Tools For Living Your Life by Triratna author Vajragupta. This is widely available in printed and electronic formats and it would be useful to have your own copy to add to what we are able to cover on Monday evenings.
Monday Dec 21st will be a practice evening – meditation, reflection, puja, then we’ll take a brief break before recommencing on January 4th
Very best wishes
Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

Some 2016 dates for your diaries

Greetings all

We are starting to plan ahead now and here are some dates for you to save. Please also note that there will be NO CLASS ON MONDAY DEC 28TH otherwise it is business as unusual on Monday evenings

Saturday January 23rd 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at Fairkytes
Nandaketu will lead a day of meditation, reflection and puja centred upon the Heart Sutra
Suitable for those who know the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices
Bring vegetarian lunch to share.

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th November 2016 at Kench Hill
Our 3rd weekend retreat, full details TBC but you can refer to posts below regarding our 2015 retreat to get the general idea

Very best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu