Some thoughts for the New Year…

Hi everyone

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful 2014, may it bring you well-being and happiness

Monday Evenings
At our Monday evening classes we have now commenced a series looking at the Wheel of Life, a complex and evocative image (see below) that can serve as a reminder of the Buddha’s teachings regarding the human condition and transformation thereof. Please join us whenever you can to meditate and to further explore these teachings.

Going on Retreat?
The new year is a good time to think about when you might be able to get away on retreat. Don’t worry if you haven’t been on one before as there are retreats catering for newcomers as well as those with more experience, weekends and longer periods. The London Buddhist Centre introductory weekend and longer spring and summer retreats are ideal for those new or fairly new to the experience. A more comprehensive range of retreats can be found at

London Buddhist Centre Open Day – Saturday January 18th 11.30 a.m. – 
It’s time for another Open Day at the LBC, if you haven’t visited it’s a great opportunity to go along and experience a taste of all that goes on there. After the Open Day itself you can join in some Sangha Singing at 5 p.m. and watch a film about the Tibetan teacher Dilgo Kyentse Rimpoche at 7 p.m. Click here to view or download the programme.

Hope to see you soon

Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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The Triratna Movement

Hi everyone,IMG_3182

these are a few links that will be mentioned in the talk tomorrow (the time-table for the day is two posts below this one)

The Secret Valley

A slide show history of the movement

The teacher and founder of the Triratna Movement and Order: Urgyen Sangharashita

May you thrive!

Nandaketu and Saddhabhya

Dates for the Festive Season and the New Year

Greetings everyone

Our events in the coming weeks will be

Saturday Dec 14th 10.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. Day Retreat – full details below

Monday Dec 16th and 23rd classes as usual

Monday Dec 30th – no class on this date

Monday January 6th – first class of 2014 commencing a series looking at the Wheel of Life (image below)

Best wishes to all

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Our next Saturday event will be on December 14th

It’s been a while since we had a day event so we have booked our usual room for Saturday December 14th. The day will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and will include meditation, talks, puja, a shared lunch (please bring vegetarian food to share) and time to socialise. The theme for the day will be the Triratna Order and Community.

* * * update * * * here is the planned programme * * *

10.00 arrival & welcome
10.30 meditation
11.30 tea break
12.00 meditation
13.00 lunch
14.00 talk and questions– the Triratna Community and Order
15.00 tea break
15.20 meditation and puja
16.00 finish

If you can’t make the whole day you are welcome to join or leave at break times. Session content may vary slightly from programme


Best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Introducing the Urban Retreat

Hi everyone

Here at Hornchurch we are linking with the London Buddhist Centre’s Urban Retreat which runs from November 9th to the 17th.

On the Urban Retreat you carry on living your normal day-to-day life whilst finding ways to intensify your practice of meditation and Buddhism. If you register with the LBC (free) you will be supported with daily text messages and emails.

The LBC is holding three day-long retreats, morning meditations, special classes and a Buddhist Festival, there are also Urban Fringe arts events, all the events are on a donation basis. For full details and a link for registration click on the image or below

At Hornchurch we will be opening as usual on the Monday evening and then also on Tuesday to Friday from 7.15 p.m. until 8.30 p.m. to provide a space for meditation, on these evenings meditation will be led but not taught. Suggested donation Tues to Fri is £2. We will be in room 9 for Tues and Weds and our usual room 12 Thurs and Fri.

Very best wishes

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu


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Hi everyone

This week we read a poem entitled ‘Meditation’ by Sangharakshita, the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Movement, here is the poem which is available along with many other works online at the link below

Here perpetual incense burns;
The heart to meditation turns,
And all delights and passions spurns.

A thousand brilliant hues arise,
More lovely than the evening skies,
And pictures paint before our eyes.

All the spirit’s storm and stress
Is stilled into a nothingness,
And healing powers descend and bless.

Refreshed, we rise and turn again
To mingle with this world of pain,
As on roses falls the rain.

Sangharakshita Online Books

We’ll be focusing on meditation in the classes in the coming weeks

Very best wishes

Nandaketu and Saddhabhaya

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Virya – Energy for the Good

Dear all

I have added a PDF file containing some notes from my talk about Virya on Monday Sept 30th to the Resources section of the website

I have also located an article on the Five Spiritual Faculties collectively by Buddhist scholar Edward Conze on the Access to Insight website

On Monday we’ll be rounding off our tour of the five with a look at Concentration – Samadhi.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next, most likely a period focusing on meditation in the run up to the International Urban Retreat from the 9th to the 17th of November. The idea behind this being the bringing of retreat like conditions to your home life as far as possible for the 9 day period. Don’t manage to meditate every day? How about setting a target to do it for that period?  We’ll be looking into whether it is possible to make a physical location available for a period of time each evening to encourage this.

Love and light

Saddhabhaya and Nandaketu

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Thank you!

Many, many thanks for such a wonderful welcome* to the Hornchurch Buddhist Group last night, to all who were present and also to all those who couldn’t be there but sent best wishes, cards and contributed in other ways. Thank you all for the lovely cards and gifts, party poppers, room decorations, cakes (wow!) and your wonderful greeting. Thank you too of course to Nandaketu and Priyavajra for looking after things for the last few weeks. It is so wonderful to see the group flourishing and the green shoots of Sangha emerging – long may it thrive. See you in the coming weeks for more explorations of the wonderful, beautiful and sublime Buddha Dharma.

Warmest wishes to all


* one can’t really call it a welcome back as Saddhabhaya hasn’t been to the group before

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Padmasambhava Day Festival

 Festival at the LONDON BUDDHIST CENTRE – Jen’s Mitra Ceremony will be in the evening Puja.


Sunday 15th September
Led by Sraddhagita and Amalavajra
Celebrate the life and teachings of this extraordinary Dharma teacher. Sometimes called The Second Buddha, he established Buddhism in Tibet and transforms powerful energies.Throughout this day we shall receive, meditate and reflect upon a profound wisdom teaching from the 8th century Guru Padmasambhava, one that points the way to complete freedom of heart and mind.
9-10am Led Padmasambhava sadhana (for order members only)
10-10.30am Doors Open
10.30-1pm Morning of meditation, chanting and reflection on a Reality teaching of Padmasambhava (doors closed between 10.30am and 1pm)
1.00pm Lunch/please bring a vegetarian or vegan lunch to share
2.30pm Chanting to Padmasambhava with Dayabhadra. Then receiving and reflecting on a teaching
4.00pm Tea
4.30pm Talk by Vimalachitta on this key teaching from ‘The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava’
6.00pm Supper in the Larder
7.30pm Puja with Mitra Ceremonies (including Jen’s)
By donation.   Come for all or part of the day.

The News You’ve Been Waiting For

Hi Everyone,


Yesterday, (12th september 2013) at Padmaloka retreat Centre in Norfolk, the man we’ve known as David Weston was publicly ordained. His name is – Saddhabhaya – one who is fearless through faith.

I am delighted to know Saddhabhaya has joined the Order and very pleased that Nigel and Pat were there to see the ordination as it happened.

Sadhu!   Sadhu!   Sadhu!         (traditional shout of joy and appreciation)

I hope to see some of you at the London Buddhist Centre on Sunday for Jen’s mitra ceremony.

Best wishes