Dear Friends,

this Monday, as part of the theme of, the Five Spiritual Faculties, we looked at wisdom.

Call forth as much as you can of love, of respect and of faith!                                           Remove the obstructing defilements, and clear away all your taints!                                                          Listen to the Perfect Wisdom of the gentle Buddhas,                                                     Taught for the weal of the world, for heroic spirits intended!

More can be found out about the bodhisattva Manjusri from the Visible Mantra website.  You may want to look at Wikipedia for a more general cultural background to this popular figure.

Manjusri Banner

The The Heart Sutra can be found by following this link.

Best Wishes


PS  We find out who the ex-David  is on Thursday!



Diary and The Five Spiritual Faculties

Dear Friends,

it was good to see many of you on Monday night.  We are looking at a teaching called the Five Spiritual Faculties over the coming weeks.  The key terms are on a handout 5 faculties.

There is a lot happening in September, here is a list of some of the key events associated with the Hornchurch Buddhist Group.

Saturday 7th September – in a private ceremony, in the context of an ordination training retreat, David will ritually have his commitment to The Three Jewels witnessed by Jnanvaca and receive a new name.  It is also usual to be given a mantra at this point.  It will be in the evening, so it would be great if around 8:30, you could bring David to mind and wish him well.

Sunday 8th September – there is a day retreat happening in Essex! See the previous post for details.

Monday 9th September – there will be a Monday night meeting at Fairkytes as usual, we will look further at the Five Spiritual Faculties.

Thursday 12th September – at Padmaloka, in the Norfolk village of Surlingham, the ex- David will have his Public Ordination.  This will happen at 2pm.  This is a public event, so if you want to see an ordination happen and have time for a trip, you are very welcome to attend (email me at nandaketu@icloud.com or ask me on Monday if you are interested). During this ritual the new name of ex-David will be revealed and he will receive a kesa (the white cloth that members of the Triratna Order wear around their neck).  There is much more to say about ordination but I think it would be more appropriate to hear it from our new Order Member when he appears.

Sunday 15th September – At the London Buddhist Centre there will be a Padmasambhava Day Festival. In the evening puja Jen will be made a mitra (the first from the Hornchurch Buddhist Group).  This is a significant step of commitment on her part so please wish her well, and if you able, come along to witness her ritually make this step.  The ceremony itself will be quite simple but I experience them as having a certain beauty, joy and depth of significance. If you want to know more about what a mitra is then have a look at the document becoming-a-mitra and/or ask questions of those of us who are more expereinced.

 Monday 16th September -At the arts centre in Hornchurch there will be a class as usual. I will be there with Priyavajra (the visitor who skilfully taught the metta bhavana on the 2nd September).  Alternatively, you may want to go to the London Buddhist Centre for an evening of welcoming the ex-David back to London, you may even find others from the group to travel there with if you wish.

Monday 23rd September –  a newly named man  will return after a month away (in a sense a new man not seen before will arrive) so  this will be an opportunity to welcome our new Order Member and to hear about his experience of ordination.

Monday 30th September – as far as I can foretell –  a regular Monday night at Fairkytes, so please join us for more meditation and exploration of Buddhist life.

Best Wishes

Nandaketu and (somebody who is no-longer quite David but isn’t yet … )

Retreat in Essex

Dear Friends,

how do you go deeper in meditation? How do you experience the mind in a more still, positive and integrated way?

The simplest way to give yourself the chance of experiencing this is going on retreat.  The London Buddhist Centre offers many retreats and there are many other retreat opportunities around the Triratna Buddhist Movement here is another opportunity closer to home than many of these.

A  Day Retreat

Sunday, 8th September 2013

All Welcome

 Bluebell Bungalow, 3 Wood Avenue, Hockley, Essex SS5 5NU

10:15 am ’til 4 pm                    Bring Vegetarian Lunch to Share

 Dana Collection for Vajrasana Building Project

please contact:

Chris Truss 07967 630973 or 01702 205916


I’ve heard Maitripushpa will be there (she is someone Nandaketu has  enjoyed running classes with immensely in the past) and Chris has a lot of experience herself of organising and leading activities.

It is also possible that Aryacitta will be there.  Here are his notes from when he last visited the Hornchurch Buddhist Group.  8 Worldly Winds and Hornchurch29-4.

Suki Hontu

Nandaketu and David

Karaniya Metta Sutta

Dear friends

Last night we looked at the Karaniya Metta Sutta and I mentioned to my discussion group the Access to Insight web site which is a wonderful source for Buddhist texts. Here is a link to the sutta at that site, there are also four other translations available there.

An excellent book to explore this sutta and the implications of metta further is ‘Living With Kindness’ by Sangharakshita, the founder of the Triratna Buddhist movement of which Nandaketu and David are a part.

Very best wishes to all

David and Nandaketu

p.s. no class on the 26th as it is a Bank holiday and Fairkytes is closed

Going for Refuge

Dear friends

The London Buddhist Centre’s Monday night Dharma Class is currently in the midst of a series covering the distinctive emphases of the Triratna Buddhist Community of which Nandaketu (a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order) and David are a part. You will have heard us talking about “Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels” and may have wondered what this means. In the talk linked below, Jnanavaca, the chair of the London Buddhist Centre, explores the meaning of this expression. Free Buddhist Audio contains many talks on a wealth of topics.

Best wishes

David and Nandaketu

Distinctive Emphases of the Triratna Buddhist Community – Going for Refuge

(download or stream MP3)

The Noble Eightfold Path

Dear friends

In browsing around for some information that I could share regarding the topic we covered this week – Perfect Effort – I came across this from Triratna’s educational arm The Clearvision Trust, it’s aimed at A level students and is clear and concise. I hope you find it useful.

The Noble Eightfold Path

Best wishes

David and Nandaketu

Prefect Action and our upcoming festival day

Greetings all!

Some notes from last monday’s talk on Perfect Action have been added to the Resources section of the web site here. Next week (the 15th) we’ll be continuing our exploration of the Eightfold Noble Path with the topic of livelihood.

Don’t forget our festival gathering from 10.15 a.m. on Saturday July 20th. Please arrive only at the beginning or during the tea or lunch breaks so as not to disturb talks, meditation and so on. For full timings please see our previous post.

Best wishes

Nandaketu and David

Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu!

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Perfect Speech

The notes from last night’s talk on Perfect Speech have been added to the Resources section of the web site here

Best wishes

David and Nandaketu

p.s. please note also correction to festival day times in the post below and in the comments of relevant Facebook post

Celebrating the Buddha’s First Teaching – Sat July 20th

On the May full moon we held our first festival day to celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment. On Saturday July 20th, which is the closest convenient date to the July full moon, we’ll be holding our second traditional festival day celebrating the Buddha’s first teaching in the deer park at Sarnath near Varanasi / Benares – an event known as ‘The First Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma’. The artwork below celebrating this is from the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green

dharma deer

We’ll be celebrating  with a gathering to meditate, listen to a talk, conduct a Buddhist devotional ritual (puja) and an opportunity to share a leisurely lunch and get to know each other better. This will take place in our usual room 12 at the Fairkytes Arts Centre with the following programme…

10.15 arrival and welcome
10.30 meditation
11.30 tea break
12.00 talk and puja
1.15 lunch*
3.30 finish (approx)

* please bring vegetarian food to share

See you soon!

Nandaketu and David

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