This is where we will store various links and documents that we share


A rough guide to Buddhism (page and PDF)

The Four Noble Truths & Eightfold Noble Path

Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom – An Introduction to the series ‘Not About being Good’ at the Hornchurch Buddhist Group September 2014

Saluting the Shrine

An introduction to mantras

Buddhist Ethics – Introducing the Five Precepts

Sila, Ethics, Skilful Activity (PDF)

Friends in the Good Life – Srivati April 8th 2013 (PDF)

Text of the Threefold Puja

Perfect Speech (PDF)

Perfect Action (PDF)

Virya – energy for the Good (PDF)

Introduction to the Buddha’s teaching regarding the mind – Honeyball Sutta (PDF)

The Lakshanas – RE Hub event handout (PDF)

Dana – Giving, Generosity (PDF)

Recommended Books

Living the Dharma life (PDF)

The Wheel of Life (PDF) compilation of handouts from 2014


A brief guide to Buddhist Meditation – also contains various links within the page to other meditation resources on this site and elsewhere (page and PDF)

Kamalashila – Getting Started in Meditation – guided meditation audio files

Why the Breath?

Metta Bhavana Meditation: Goodwill, Loving-kindness – an extract from Kamalashila’s book in which he skilfully explains the connections between mindfulness, receptivity and the metta practice.

Metta Bhavana aide memoire (PDF)

Recognising and dealing with the hindrances in meditation (PDF)

Sitting for Meditation

Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice (PDF)

The Brahma Viharas (PDF)

Meditation Timer Audio Files

The Triratna Buddhist Community

Introduction to Triratna – the Buddhist community of which Nandaketu and Saddhabhaya are part (page and PDF)


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