The Four Noble Truths – The Noble Eightfold Path

At the moment we are a couple of weeks into this series and a few people were asking about books so here is a link to the book that was mentioned last night which would be an excellent companion to our current evenings. We’ll also be publishing some notes in due course. There are also some existing notes in our resources section

The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path (previous editions entitled ‘Vision and Transformation’)


If you haven’t been along recently, don’t worry, do come along and I sure that we can help you to catch up with where we are.

Hope to see you soon

Best wishes

David and Nandaketu

p.s. oh and this month’s mantra is that of Padmasambhava

oṃ āḥ hūṃ vajraguru padmasiddhi hūṃ

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